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Sexting Paddy

Hello, I am Scarlett from the blog Sexting Scarlett, ok, I’m not really called Scarlett but Paddy has christened me this and truth be told, I like it – it is now my adopted persona for when I want to sext and I fully intend to buy myself a t-shirt with a bold S (think Emma Stone in Easy A – a weird movie reference, but it’s how I roll).

Anyway, back to sexting with Paddy. If you have read his previous blog you will know we got hot and heavy over messages after matching on Tinder. What you will not know because Paddy still denies it to this day, is that he started it! (sorry Paddy, but the truth has to be known “insert evil laugh here”).

I have been on and off dating apps for 2 years now, at the beginning, after coming out of a long relationship I was looking for casual. I wanted to get out there and explore the many different men (and cocks) on offer.  By this I don’t mean sleeping with every single person that made it to a date. I was excited to start dating and see what connections could be had. I don’t know if it was my mindset but I found I was getting flirty very quickly with the matches. Usually within a day or so we would have moved onto sexting. 

On more than one occasion I’d been told how sexual I was. I always found it off they would say that.  I’d ask myself was I in the minority of people that did this?  Was I just so horny that I pushed for and welcomed the sexting as it was fun and naughty?  Was I subconsciously just looking for casual hook-ups?  Who knows, but what I now understand is moving to sexting in my opinion often leads to the guy viewing you as a good time girl and not the one to settle down with. 

I even asked Paddy (and he isn’t the first person I have asked), his response – “asking right now the mood I’m in and how horny I am it would be fuck” He did go on to say at this point that our chat was good and he’d consider more but actually he just wants casual.  And at that moment in time I wanted a relationship. We were looking for different things.  But the dating apps in Lockdown were awful. It was rare I’d get a match let alone have a conversation. However, the banter and flirting between Paddy and I was fun.  It was fast, instant and quick witted. 

The move to Sexting

I hadn’t had sex since the beginning of the year. Quite frankly I was bored of watching porn to get off. I wanted something more real. So when the first innuendo was thrown in (it was Pork Paddy, Pork!!) I went with it.  I’ll just say at this juncture that I didn’t do it lightly. The whole time I was very conscious of how it could possibly make me feel cheap.  I had mentally switched to wanting a relationship (and had already acknowledge months previously sexting with someone early doors wouldn’t set me up in the best light) I was worried that once this came to an end I would hate myself a little for it. 

But Paddy was honest from the get go. There was no pressure and so when I did make it obvious I was taking the conversation in that direction Paddy went full in – and boy was it good!

It’s all in the detail

It’s safe to say Paddy and I went 100% into the detail.  We built each other up, we started with the tactile touches we’d use on each other, the blowing on the back of my neck, pressing in close behind me. It felt like a journey where we actually wanted to take time to get each other pretty much edging all day. I don’t think I have cum so hard from sexting before. I was wet, I was swollen. It actually felt like Paddy was pretty much in the room with me with how he got my imagination going. It was a revelation.  And, I didn’t feel one ounce of the self hatred I was dreading – Happy Days! 

We shared fantasies and kinks and they wove them into our messages. I knew exactly what to mention to Paddy to get him hard and he knew how to reply to get me soaking wet. It was hot, it was fun and it was explicit.  I loved it!

Upping the visuals

Invariably the conversation moved onto sharing photos and videos.  Now this I was nervous with.  I had only shared such intimate images with people I had been in relationships with, but, and here is my pervy side, I was desperate to see Paddy’s cock!  He had alluded to how big it was (don’t be getting big headed Paddy) so of course I was intrigued. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t disappointed! I wanted to see it and I wanted to see him cumming too.  So fair is fair and we moved onto photos.  AND boy did it help!

Everything I had been imagining in my head was now there in its full colourful glory, and it helped ramp up my need and want for him.  I was 100% convinced I was going to go with the FWB offer. It was like the photos and subsequently videos had tipped me over some horny girl cliff edge and I was free falling.  I loved how much Paddy was complimenting me. I’ll admit I have low body confidence. My ex relationship had inflicted years worth of low self esteem on me. Hearing how much Paddy was liking what he was seeing had me on a euphoric high. We were in constant contact and I could not get enough of him and his messages!

The beginning of the end

As I mentioned, I loved sharing photos and videos with Paddy, I had no regrets and no reservations until one comment changed it all.  We had been discussing recording ourselves. There was no doubt from either of us that actual real sex would be happening, and saying how hot we’d find it watching them back (well, we hope for the best, in reality that could have been different, a wrong angle can ruin everything can’t it!).

Then Paddy said “to be honest I’d get off watching old videos of you getting fucked if you had any”.  I instantly went from feeling desired because Paddy wanted me to actually feeling like I could just be any girl on a video that he was watching to get off to.  It pulled me up short.  I didn’t know how to react.  I laughed it off but internally I was freaking out. The self-hatred was creeping in. 

Paddy and I had always been honest with each other. Thethe next day I told him that I wouldn’t send those videos and how it had made me feel.  He absolutely 100% did not realise how asking that would make me feel. He was humble and apologetic to making me feel – in my own words – cheap and a slut.  But in discussing this with Paddy, there was a realisation that I wasn’t cheap and I wasn’t a slut.  I am a female who enjoys sex and enjoys the highs of sexting or actual physical sex.  All of these thoughts I had on myself were of my own doing and I needed to reset my thoughts on this.  To enjoy sex or sexting is not slutty.  It is an empowering feeling!  And so we went again. 

I didn’t share those videos, but we shared further photos and we kept up the sexting until the big ask came!  “Will you come and fuck me”.  Yes I had been out. Yes I was tipsy but I knew that I wanted Paddy that night with all that I am.  The only problem, although we are not that far away from each other locations wise. To get a taxi would cost a small fortune and was not practical.  After that life got back on track, I was a couple of dates into what is now my current relationship and as I invested in that I invested less in Paddy.  We are still friends though.  I don’t make a habit of collecting friends through dating apps, but hey, he’s a decent guy. 

Signing off

Sexting with Paddy was a real experience. It came at a time when I really needed it. I now have more self love for myself.  And if I can offer any females advice if you are reading this – never be ashamed of how sexual you are. Don’t be afraid to sext and if you do it, give all the details you can!
And so comes the end of my first ever blog.  When Paddy first asked me if I could write a blog I wondered if he had lost his mind, but I’ve enjoyed writing this.  Maybe I’ll have to set myself up a twitter account and compete with him for the most loved blog on twitter!    

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