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Sexting Scarlett

Sexting isn’t something I do a lot of and OK she’s not actually called Scarlett. But as always, to protect people involved its never the real name. Let me tell you the tale all about sexting Scarlett after a match on Tinder.

The Beginning

It didn’t start off as sexting, the conversation was like any other. A chat about likes and a chat about things we had in common. Always with a hint of cheekiness from both of us.

I made it clear in the conversation that I wasn’t looking for anything serious. The innuendos were flying all over the place. I think at the start, both of us were too shy to take it any further though.

I’m a man who likes detail, I like an image painting for me. I’ll also do my best to paint an image in return. We were exchanging stories of times we’d had both had great sex. My mind was full of imagination and by this point I was far too turned on to leave the chat as innuendos. And then it happened “The way I’m feeling super horny right now I wouldn’t mind a FWB.”

That was it, the ice had been broken. Scarlett had turned this from a chat about what sort of things we liked in regards to sex to “shit this could actually become a reality.”

We carried on chatting and after a couple of nights of some hot sexting we swapped numbers. Had sexting become the only way to have any fun with someone else in lockdown?

Progressing To Whats App

I made the move. Granted after being told someone is “super horny” and “wouldn’t mind a FWB” it wasn’t like I was taking a huge risk giving Scarlett my number. I’m shit with signs but even I could see this one.

I should also add I was mid sexting Scarlett when I gave her my number, so yeah it wasn’t like the answer would be “No fuck off dickhead”

So we went to Whats App, we asked each other how fast we were going, how close we were, what each other was doing. We both told each other when we came. The build up, which had gone on most of the day just with teasing messages, then the final release. We came and said how strong the orgasm was for both of us.

We said good night and that was it.

All Day Teasing

As we chatted more and more the majority of it was teasing. “Oh you’re on a call Scarlett? Well, how about if I was to be there now and I just get you to bend over the table and slowly slide in from behind and start to fuck you while you’re on the call?” or “Video call? OK well I’ll get under the table, pull you to the edge of the chair and then spread your legs?”

We were at it ALL DAY LONG! Asking each other how horny the other one was. Asking if they were going to be able to last all day without touching or playing. Actually taking the half an hour lunch had never seemed more appealing, but, the wait would be better so that we could do it together.

Now if you listen to the podcast, if not get on it, you’ll remember I stated I love to be mentally and visually stimulated when it comes to sexting. I don’t just want “I want to fuck you” I mean we know this because we’ve got to this situation, TELL ME HOW!

Luckily Scarlett would go in to detail, a lot of detail. Right down to the small things “While you’re down on me I’d have my hands on your head to keep you there, moaning and grinding up against you. My fingers running through your hair as you get me closer and closer and wanting you inside me”

It made it easier to imagine, it made it easier to paint that picture in my head. So while I was sat there working I’d get messages telling me how they’d be doing their best to get me hard and what they’d do to get me away from work. It wouldn’t normally take much granted, but when it did happen we’d go in to detail of how it felt, what we were doing, fast or slow and things like that.

Photos & Videos

The next step in the sexting seemed, to me, to be the way to take it to the next level. And luckily Scarlett agreed. We exchanged a couple of photos and then a she sent me a couple of videos. Using toys or fingers. These were hot, the moans, the playing and the spread legs. Everything about them was just hot.

I shared some of mine. A couple of pictures and some videos. I’m never a fan of my own videos or pictures, however, these were well received. It added to the sexting. She could see what was on offer and what I had and I could see what I wanted to see.

Messages became more detailed because of these exchanges. Talk of how she thought it might feel. We’d get off watching each others videos and looking at each others photos.

I’d tell her how I’d want her on her knees, she’d tell me how she’d suck me off while she was on her knees. She’d tell me how she needed to be fucked, I’d tell her how I’d fuck her.

In my mind the photos, adding to the text and the detail we went in to just got me more turned on.

Why Don’t You Come Round

Then it happened, the next step from sexting was to sex. We were out of local lockdown, it could be done. Only it couldn’t. I’d been drinking, it was a Saturday night.


It was made worse by Scarlett telling me how horny she was. How wet she was and how she’d been teasing herself and wanted me to go round and fuck her hard.

What also made it worse was this had got me horny and massively turned on.

So there we were, sexting, both horny and both playing with ourselves unable to meet up cause we’d both had a drink. We were telling each other how bad we wanted it. Telling each other how we’d be doing it, rough, hard and just how we’d talked about it.

In no time at all we both came. And that was that.


I’ve sexted a fair few times in my young 36 years here. Mainly in relationships. However, the connection here was different. We knew what each other wanted. The two of us used imagination and effort when we were sexting. We had the same sort of likes when it came to sex.

She liked a lot of what I had to say, I liked a lot of what she said she’d do. Again if you listened to the pod (Lets Talk About Sex 2) you will know some of the things I like. Spanking, choking, hair pulling and making someone gag. Well Scarlett was happy for all this and more. It wasn’t a “I’ll do it if its something you like” it was a “I like that I’d be well up for that” but then also “I don’t think I’d be able to take all that in my mouth but I’ll give it a try!”

The sexting was hot, we knew each others limits and we talked all about them. If this was actual sex it would’ve been some of the hottest I think I’d have ever had. Hot, rough and just full of lots of fun.

The Climax

Life started to happen, restrictions lifted. Going out, meeting mates and things like that.

Scarlett had always said she wasn’t normally like this, she didn’t normally sext with someone she wasn’t seeing. I knew it would come to an end because of this reason. However, I thought we would’ve got to meet up, it just never happened for being busy.

Sexting Scarlett was some of the best I’ve ever had. The videos were hot, the photos were great. It could be multiple times a day. It wasn’t boring it didn’t get boring. When you enjoy mental simulation when it comes to sexting then this could never have been boring.

It just ended by the lack of sextual type of messages and more about being out or being with mates or just generally being busy with every day things.

Like I say this isn’t something I normally do, its not something I tend to do with anyone or all the time. But, if you read my FOMO blog it might shed some light on why I started with this and made it clear I don’t want anything serious right now. Add to that, in my own mind I don’t feel ready for anything serious then I’m not going to lead someone on to just get a fuck. It might be 16 months since I last got it but I’m not going to bullshit my way in to someones pants. Thats not my style.

And so it is that sexting Scarlett was over. Scarlett is out there dating someone now and I wish her all the luck in the world. She’s a nice lass and I’m sure she will be very happy.

Sexting Scarlett was fun through a tough time. Neither of us lied about what we wanted. As far as I’m aware neither of us got hurt. Scarlett never told me she regretted it. Its not something I regret either.

Its not hard to be honest. Don’t lie about what your intentions are when you’re on apps or talking to someone. Its not fair and its not right.

Thanks for reading.



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