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Singles Day – Its All About Self Loving

Singles Day, something I never knew existed until today (11th November) and I’ve been single on this day many times before. I think I read somewhere this day is thanks to China. The less said there the better.

So Singles Day got me thinking, single life, is it all that bad? For me I would have to say no. In the middle of a pandemic knowing you cant date or meet someone then it can have its moments of the sobering thought of “I’m going to be alone forever!” But thats not the case, unless we want to be alone and chose to be alone.

But even for us singles its important to love. Love yourself, take pride in yourself, be happy in yourself and still take time for that bit of special time when you need it. Don’t let yourself go without love in anyway.

Now if you’ve read previous blogs or listened to some of the Pods, you’ll be aware I’ve mentioned in the past that I have a high sex drive. Before I get to that problem let me just say that I will try and remind myself throughout the day that I am a decent person. I’ll smile to myself in the mirror and just the other day I gave myself a talking to after getting some shit news. It was just to remind myself I am good enough and I am going to be OK.

At the end of that speech to a grand audience of 1000’s of other versions of me, some crying at the sheer joy of the speech and some on their feet clapping, I looked at myself in the mirror. A wry smiled on my face and I said to myself “I’m looking good today, this top looks good on you Paddy” Take that time to appreciate yourself.

However the purpose of this blog isn’t self help. But if you take anything from this then the above wouldn’t be a bad place to start. This blog is about the other type of self love. The love you have to give yourself when there’s no one else to give it to you.

I like sex, a lot. If it was possible, single remember, I’d have it any time it was offered. I’m not the type to jump in to bed with anyone or anything like that though. I need to have a connection with someone. But with the right person I’m easily turned on. This can be a nightmare single. It can be a nightmare when your partner doesn’t have the same sex drive as you!

Lockdown has probably seen my wanking activities increase potential 25/50% some weeks. I’d like to think I’m not alone in this as well. I mean what else is there to do? I’ll find myself popping some porn on through my lunch break and knocking one out but then having to rush to get done in half an hour. I hate having to rush it, I much prefer taking my time.

Then the excitement of night time comes along. Do I take an early night and pop some on at 10pm or do I rush one in half an hour and watch an extra episode of something shit that I’m not really paying attention to on Netflix? Because of course I’m already thinking of having a wank. That result varies and spoiler alert, it never ends up being just half an hour whatever option I pick.

But its important isn’t it!?! It feels good, it feels relaxing and it is a bloody good feeling at the end of it. We need to be able to pleasure ourselves, its a release. Granted maybe I don’t need to do it every day, but I pretty much do. But the feelings during and after are great. Granted, after it I’m usually falling straight asleep, however I sleep with a smile on my face.

Of course there are times when you don’t want to and thats fine. But single people just remember this isn’t just a wank, this for us is as close to sex as we can get due to the current situation.

So what if you’re knocking 2/3 out a day? So what if instead of watching Coronation Street tonight you watched “Lesbian Baby-sitter Seduces Older MILF” (just to clarify not my own viewing just what popped up on the site I visited to get a name of something to put in here.) If you’ve had a good time and its not stopped you doing things you should’ve done then what’s it matter?

Porn is porn. For as much as I might take my time with it I can’t watch the same type of genre one after the other. I have to mix it up. I know I’m strange, its just how I am.

Like I said in this blog if you’re not letting it destroy your life its not really an issue. I mean what else is there to do right now considering we cant socialise and get intimate with other singles?

So on this Singles Day why not show yourself some kindness and some love. Put something special on, light the candles and go crazy! Take your time and enjoy yourself.

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