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The Cost Of Online Dating

One afternoon my curiosity got the better of me, what would the actual cost be to sign up and become a premium member on the apps I have downloaded? So I started to browse the apps and work it out. I currently have Tinder, Bumble, Plenty Of Fish and Hinge.

I started by looking at Tinder, I’m already paying £7.99 a month for this to have unlimited swipes. These are the plans you can have with Tinder

Tinder Plus – £7.99 a month

Tinder Gold – £27.99 a month – like the £7.99 package you get unlimited swipes but you also get to view who liked you and the passport feature that was mentioned in another blog post.

Tinder Plus – £28.49 – 6 months or £39.99 for the year

Tinder Gold – £104.99 – 6 months or £139.99 for the year

After Tinder I looked at Bumble Spotlight, now Spotlight gives you the chance to rematch with any of your expired matches, you get 24 hours on Bumble for the woman to start the conversation and then you have the same time to respond, if your match doesn’t talk you can get unlimited extends to maximise your chances with a connection, basically leaving the chance for a woman to speak to you open for as long as you want, you can control the filters so you can narrow down to be more specific with what you are looking for and finally you get to give someone a second look over if you swipe left too quick. The prices are as follows:-

Spotlight – £10.99 for 1 week

Spotlight – £23.99 a month

Spotlight – £49.99 – 3 months

Spotlight – £99.99 – lifetime

Hinge was the next place I went to look at. For paying a subscription with them you get unlimited likes, can set advanced preferences such as political preferences, family plans and a few other things, you can see who everyone who likes you and they claim that preferred members, the people who subscribe, get twice as many dates for those reasons above. So lets look at the Hinge prices:-

Preferred Member – £17.99 a month

Preferred Member – £35.99 (£11.99/mo) – 3 months

Preferred Member – £54.99 (£9.16/mo) – 6 months

Now even though they say £11.99/£9.16 a month you don’t actually pay it monthly you pay it upfront in one payment.

Last of all was a visit to Plenty Of Fish, who recently decided to let you only see the last 3 people who have viewed your profile after letting you see everyone, tempting people to pay the fees to upgrade. So with an upgrade on Plenty of Fish you can get to see the full list of people who viewed you, see who wants to meet you which is just a swipe right or left feature on the site, they claim you get more replies cause you can see the newest uses first, unlock extended profiles, see if you’ve messaged someone before, check if they read your message, see when they viewed your profile and when they were last online. I also think you get 50 messages a day instead of 25 on the free version. The prices for POF are:-

Upgrade – £13.99/mo (£39.99 for 3 months)

Upgrade – £10.00/mo (£59.99 for 6 months)

Upgrade – £7.08/mo (84.99 for 12 months) – this they claim, no surprise, is their most popular choice. And again, you don’t pay per month you pay in one lump sum.

If you were to sign up to all 4 of these, on the basis that people would just dip their toe in the dating app pool and go for the monthly option the cheapest price you could get all 4 for is £76.96!! £76.96 for the things mentioned above, now I can’t say how true it is that you are more likely to get dates on Hinge and Plenty Of Fish but still that’s quite a whack to pay out when you consider that Bumble is only for a week as well. You’ve paid for 3 months of Plenty Of Fish a month of Tinder Plus and a month on Hinge.

But what if you’re nosey? We are all intrigued by the mysteriousness of the likes on Tinder so you got for Tinder Gold, a week is good on Bumble so you decided to go for the month, you aren’t paying extra for Plenty Of Fish as you still have 2 months left of that. You’ve now ended up paying out £109.96 for Tinder Gold, Bumble, Hinge and Plenty Of Fish.

Will I carry on paying the £7.99 a month, yeah probably, although i might look at paying for a longer period cause its cheaper, but will I pay the higher prices for Tinder and the other sites? No, definitely not. I’m not knocking these sites for having subscription based benefits but I just don’t think its something I would see any benefit in, when I had Tinder Gold for the month it didn’t really seem to bring much benefits and I quite like the mysterious side of not knowing who likes me.

Have you ever paid to be on any of these sites? Do you still pay? Have you paid for other sites like e-Harmony, Match or any other sort of dating sites? If you have let me know what you think of the benefits of paying and if you thought it was worth the price.

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