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The Homemade Sex Tape

Sex tapes, we’ve all made one haven’t we? Like, from start to end. Not just a short clip of each other…..don’t leave me hanging with this one.

For a while LDL (Long Distance Love for those who haven’t read the other blog) and I had made various clips of each other, had some fun on webcam and even over the phone. So when we talked about making a full sex tape it was no surprise at all that it happened.

I think I was the only person to ever have a copy of this sex tape, maybe other than her, but even she might not have had it. You’ll understand a bit more as you read on. To the best of my knowledge none of the videos we made ever made it online.

LDL was confident in the bedroom, she loved having the camera on her and got a thrill from it. We knew we wouldn’t be able to take as long as we normally did, plus who really sits through a long video anyway? Although saying that this was 45 minutes long.

The Start Of The Sex Tape

I got called upstairs, she told me to get on to the bed and wait for her. Dim lighting in the bedroom and the landing light lit up the bedroom. After laying there for what felt like forever, she walked in. Stood in her Ann Summers Miss Massage outfit she smiled at me and walked on over. She had amazing boobs so they looked outstanding in the outfit, especially as she hadn’t zipped it up all the way.

The fun was about to start, the phone was placed in front of us. Granted we didn’t have the greatest knowledge at the time about doing a tape so just tried our best.

Heating Up

She started by teasing me, rubbing her ass up against me as I was made to move to the edge of the bed. Then she straddled me. Kissing each other, hands all over each other. Mine, straight to her boobs. They were amazing. Her hands went lower and lower. After we had teased each other and got each other turned on she lowered herself down on to me. The Miss Massage outfit pulled up so you could see her lower herself on to me on the camera.

She reached back and grabbed the camera. She wanted me to film her reactions and me going inside her while she moved up and down on me. As I took the camera she unzipped the outfit more, her boobs had been freed from the outfit. It wasn’t long until she had unzipped it all and took it off completely. She looked amazing naked.

LDL knew what I loved. It wasn’t long before she stood over me and told me not to touch her or myself but to just watch as she teased me by playing with herself. It wasn’t long before she lent over, hands on the wall and asked me to play with her. As I did her moans got louder and louder and she got wetter. It felt great. She looked great.

Technical Issues

This wasn’t all plain sailing though, it wasn’t until we watched it back we realised that the sound stopped recording after about 10 minutes. I’m a fan of having the sound in videos. Not only that though the light that looked fine as we recorded wasn’t that way on the video. It also turned out that for some reason part of it was just a plain black screen. We didn’t know this though til after we had finished.

We still watched it and we still enjoyed it.

Back To The Video

Anyway back to the recording as we thought it was all going great. After I’d played with her she wanted more. Now I like to be in control and I like to be in charge, she knew this and loved it. As the time passed I’d make her get in to different positions or to fuck me how I told her to. She was a squirter, this was a massive turn on and one of the reason I wanted to do the video. It was hot. At times it happened from sex and others it was from fingering.

As I’d played with her before she’d already squirted. She was so wet and it was such a turn on.

We fucked for what seemed an age, but in a good way. Her on top, doggy style, from behind on our sides and me on top. All was great and we thought it would make a hot video.

It was hot, right there in the moment. We were both getting a thrill from us doing the tape and that showed in how we were with each other. She would squirt maybe 3/4 times and then couldn’t take any more. I made sure I got this on camera, as I said this was one of the reason I wanted to do the video. Because of the lighting though you couldn’t see this when it was watched back and because of the sound issue you couldn’t tell either.

Whenever I was behind her she would have the camera and make sure this was on her face so I’d be able to see her reaction. She knew how much I loved seeing her reactions as we fucked or played with each other. This for me is such a turn on in sex. It shows the excitement and the joy someone is getting from it. Great sex can be made worse from just a blank expression or no reactions to anything that’s going on. Be loud, make noise, let your partner know you are having a fucking great time!

Every time we changed positions it led to more playing, more teasing. We’d go down on each other teasing each other with our tongues, yes even me with the worlds shortest tongue could manage that. It was great, it felt even hotter with everything being recorded.

After I’d heard the words “I can’t take any more” I knew I could be a bit more greedy with what I wanted. I always like to make sure the woman gets what she wants first so I know they’re happy and satisfied. Once she muttered those words she asked me what I wanted her to do for me. As we laid there she had her hands teasing me keeping me hard. I told her to get on her knees. I filmed her as she got me off with her mouth and her hands and as I reached orgasm and came I fell back on to the bed. She got up and laid next to me. We stopped the video. Held each other and smiled. Jumped in the shower, changed the bed and went to sleep. It was over.

Watching The Video

I had plenty of times when I would watch the video on my own. I’d let her know and she loved it. Although we knew the quality wasn’t great and the sound had gone, the memories of it while watching it and talking to each other about it made it just as hot.

This wasn’t my most watched video of us though we did loads! We had loads of photos and videos. She really wasn’t shy in front of the camera and that made the sex amazing because even when the camera wasn’t on she had so much confidence in herself.

Would I Do It Again?

Absolutely, I’d make another sex tape, the thrill of it was great. Add to it the fact I’m more confident in myself now I’d definitely be more up for it. Its all about fun. Me and LDL always made sure we had plenty of fun when it came to sex.

We had fun with outfits, with places we would do stuff and even food. Just chocolate before anyone starts to wonder. But we never had a dull moment when it came to sex with each other.

I read the other day you have your best sex in your 30’s. I kinda agree. Although early 20’s was really fucking impressive after a slow, dull and boring start to it all.

But they’re stories for another day.

Thanks for reading.


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