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Travelling The World In Lockdown…On Tinder

Lockdown, the night Boris Johnson told us “Stay Home, Save Lives, Protect The NHS” and the night that dating in 2020 changed in the UK for at least 3 weeks. We’ve now hit week 7. Things haven’t changed, dating in 2020 has been, if you’re following the rules, a virtual world.

With no chance of being able to meet to date, let alone travel, Tinder gave everyone a virtual plane ticket to fly around the world for a month. I’ll be honest over on @itsmymatepaddy I wasn’t overly happy with this. I didn’t see the point and thought free unlimited swipes would be better. However since I was paying £7.99 a month to have this (i’ll be posting a blog about my thoughts on paying for this sites later, sit tight for that rollercoaster ride) I went along with it and decided to travel the world virtually.

I ended up visiting 30 different cities from around the world. Spending half an hour constantly swiping, i’d leave myself set in that city after the 30 minutes until I decided to move on to the next city or I wanted to swipe locally. So where did Paddy go virtually visit I hear you say, well here is where I went:-

Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Munich, Reykjavik, Oslo, Paris, Amsterdam, Miami, Madrid, Dublin, Zurich, Zagreb, Brussels, Belfast, Sydney, Vienna, Porto, Rome, Montreal, Wuhan, Cape Town, Cancun, Kingston, Auckland, Athens, Nashville, Abu Dhabi and Havana.

Now if you know Tinder you know that you’re basing your choice on looks and a short bio. On this basis some of these cities were a massive let down to my expectations. Camila Cabello said half her heart was in Havana. I couldn’t wait for the half hour to be up cause I think the only way half of my heart would end up being left in Havana it would be if it was cut out of my actual body. It was not what I was expecting it to be. From one extreme to the other, where places like Zagreb, Brussels and Wuhan performed much better than I thought they would do.

As the matches came the conversations started, this is where I think the whole passport thing fell down and could continue to fall down. The first question asked would typically be “Where are you from?” and when the response was England, despite the message containing more and a chance for the match to respond, the conversation just stopped. As frustrating as this was I didn’t let it stop and I’d carry on my virtual tour of the world.

It was quite surprising that throughout my time swiping locally people from around the world were coming up while swiping. I’m not sure if that was a UK thing or more specific to my actual location. However, it soon became apparent the matches weren’t coming. Then they would just stop talking when they found out how far away I was. Was this down to Tinder not advertising this well enough to start with? Was this just due to people not interested in the passport feature? I guess that’s something i’ll never find out.

What I do know is that personally for me Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen were the best 3 cities I visited. The amount of stunningly beautiful women that are on Tinder from those countries alone is just utter madness. And i’m not taking anything away from the women around this area. We have some equally beautiful women here, but when its a more concentrated time swiping you’re obviously only seeing a small section of the population.

I created a whole thread of the places I visited. You can see it on the Twitter page (@itsmymatepaddy). Was Tinder passport worth it? Personally, no, I got the matches, just not the conversation. I ended up with one number of a woman from America. It turned out she was swiping through people in Reykjavik at the same time I was. We chatted over text for a couple of week. However, with time differences, the distance and things like that it obviously just whittled away to nothingness.

The passport feature might be great for people who travel a lot for work or people who just travel the world a lot socially. If, as a single man, I was going somewhere I may use it before going away to that city. However other than that I’d just not see the point in it.

Anyway if you’ve read all this thanks very much.


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