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Twitter Isn’t Tinder – But Does It Matter?

Twitter isn’t Tinder. It never has been and it doesn’t try to be. Yet since I’ve set up the @itsmymatepaddy Twitter page I’ve been surprised. Pleasantly that is.

We all know how Tinder works, go on and swipe away. We all know thats not how Twitter works. But since the page started I’ve come across “Twitter Shaggers” and Twitter romances.

I’m an old romantic when I want to be. So romance anywhere is great to see. I’ve loved seeing some relationships flourish on Twitter for some of my favourite people on there. It’s been a delight in this shit storm of a year. But it wasn’t what I expected to see when I joined this side of Twitter.

I’d joined Twitter to talk about my dating life on Tinder, Bumble & Hinge. Yet only a matter of months in to doing that a relationship starts. Not for me, no. Thats not how this story goes.

But before that, something I’d never heard on Twitter before. The Twitter Shagger! Shit me, is this a guy who just goes round and manages to shag random people? No. But its just as bad.

Twitter Shaggers

So lets talk about Twitter Shaggers first. On Tinder they’re probably just known as players. Fuckboys or Fuckgirls. The shagger, the person in everyones DM’s sweet talking them and maybe at some point turning the chats sexual. Now, I admit, I have a filthy mind, however, this was something that stunned me. I didn’t expect it. I know, I know Agnes was a DM slider so why wouldn’t it be more common? I’m not totally sure. I guess my own naivety to this being something that goes on. Especially where it would involve so many people in such a close circle. Like people don’t talk to each other!?!?!

This was when I thought “Do people use Twitter to get a lay/hook up/relationship more often than not?” It wasn’t for me though. After all I’m anonymous to probably 99% of my followers. You lucky bastards!

But The Benefits……

Tinder has the benefit that Twitter doesn’t. It’s a dating site. You know people on Tinder are looking for dates or a hook up. But yet here I am smiling at the thought of these relationships that include some fantastic people that all started on Twitter.

But Twitter has, maybe, a bigger benefit than being a dating site. You can get to know someone before even thinking about dating them. You can see how someone ticks and connect on a level that isn’t romantic to start with.

I always curse the dating apps. I think my personality knocks me up to maybe a 7 out of 10 where as maybe my photos have me as a 5. Bang average. But Twitter gives me the advantage that people can get to know me. Get to know my personality and that sort of thing. Talk to me and I think my attractiveness goes up. That’s just my opinion though. But is this why these relationships on Twitter are happening? Is this why people may potentially turn to Twitter to try and find someone? Is it cause the apps aren’t as good or successful?

So What Do I Think?

For me love/relationships/sex shouldn’t be defined to just apps or nights out, back in the olden days of 2019 and before. Social media is another way of meeting people. Not necessarily for a relationship and dates but for friendship. I’ve made some great friends online. So why shouldn’t people find love and happiness on social media? Its a huge part of our lives now. Especially being in lockdown.

We communicate and share more online than we probably do in the real world. You lot reading this know far more about me than most in my real life. So why wouldn’t you use social media to find that connection?

Should you use Twitter or any other social media like its Tinder? No. I don’t think you should. You have to remember other people aren’t necessarily looking for anything on social media. Having people talk to you doesn’t mean they want to jump you or go out with. Having someone like a few photos of you or tweets doesn’t mean they fancy you.

Social media will allow things to grow organically though if you gave it the time and the chance. The apps make things feel more forced. Probably because you know what someones on there for. So, instead of getting to know someone the instant choice is to try and get a date.

So, does it matter that Twitter isn’t Tinder? For me, no not at all. It’s an extension to every day life. We meet people in every day life and you never know where things could go and develop in to. So enjoy it. Talk to people. Get to know people. Who knows you might not actually end up deleting the app you meet your other half on.

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