Welcome To My Mate Paddy

Hi everyone, thanks for dropping by. Firstly let me introduce myself to you all. My names Paddy, well for the purpose of this blog and podcast it is. It’s anonymous and any names used on here or the pod will be changed to protect myself, but more importantly, the people who i’ve come in to contact with in real life or online.

This is the blog to go alongside the Podcast of me, “Paddy”, a 30-something single man. I’m exploring the ever-changing world of dating, relationships and sex. I’ll be sharing the fun along the way, along with older stories and thing I think might be worth sharing with you.

Things didn’t go smoothly with recording the podcast. Just as we planned to go in to a studio the UK got hit with lockdown restrictions (2019). We ended up recording one show via Zoom but the sound quality was shit. I was outside walking at the time so that’s my fault. However, we have had some better luck and re-recorded the episode and it should hopefully be released soon.

Now, here I am, its 9:50pm as I write this on a Sunday night. Why? Well just because I thought this might make a good side to the podcast. I’ve never done anything like this so I apologise if this starts off really shit that goes for the podcast. I’d like to think though both will come good when I can get things sorted out.

So sit back relax and enjoy the ride of my tragic dating life. Along with all the fun and games, or lack of as it stands right now.